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Dr. Jens Weidmann,
President of the Deutsche Bundesbank

Crisis management and governance

Walter Eucken Lecture

1 Introduction

Professor Feld
Ladies and gentlemen

I am delighted to be here today to give the Walter Eucken Lecture.

And I am delighted that so many of you have come today on Rose Monday, the highlight of the German carnival season before the beginning of Lent, to listen to a monetary policymaker.

Monetary policymakers do not have the reputation of being over-blessed with a sense of humour – there is therefore some doubt about our suitability for the carnival season. On the other hand, the immunologist and humourist, Gerhard Uhlenbruck, said that, at carnival time, we wear a mask so that we can let it slip. I will certainly not be putting on a mask and under no circumstances will I attempt to give an amusing speech.

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