Friday Reads

  • Three key elections | Super Sunday poses multiple threats to Merkel (via Der Spiegel)
  • The purpose of spectacular wealth, according to a spectacularly wealthy guy (via NYT)
  • French discontent imperils Sarkozy (via WSJ)
  • Pimco: Totally Returned. (via Businessweek)
  • Will France‘s election hinder German leadership of the Euro Group? (via Der Spiegel)
  • How McDonald’s came back bigger than ever (via NYT)
  • The aggressive tactics of the Greek right wing – Golden Dawn (via Der Spiegel)
  • Are stocks ahead of the economy? (via The Big Picture)
  • Facebook Details IPO Details, Issues Amended S-1 (via ZeroHedge)
  • “I will not buy Facebook shares”, says Warren Buffett (via The Telegraph)
  • Norway‘s $600 billion sovereign wealth fund returned 7.1% in Q1 (via Bloomberg)
  • Norwegian Government Pension Fund Global returned 7.1% in first the quarter of 2012 (pdf)


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